Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why you *always* take your camera: A380 spotting!

I flew from Lyon to Amsterdam this morning.  It was a fairly short, fairly uneventful flight on KLM, aboard a little Fokker 70 jet.  I had my camera with me (of course), and got a window seat (on the two-across left side of the plane), so I was snapping a few photos of random other small planes taxiing off to the runway.

Once we got pushed back and started our own taxi, though, we pulled into line ahead of a non-small plane.  A very non-small plane.  Specifically, a factory-grey Airbus A380, presumably still doing its test flights. 

I felt like I was on the little fish in the cartoons that has the huge fish just behind it, about to eat it whole!

Anyway, I got a few shots of it from different angles. :)

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