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How to Move

I got a new job 5,000 miles from my old job.  My new employers weren't offering to put me up anywhere while I hunted for an apartment, and although I did some looking around online ahead of time, the housing market was pretty tight, so I pretty much had to get on the ground and start showing up in person to look at apartments, then have my family join me once I found one. I knew that on day one, I'd be working at an organization's main office , but going forward I'd mostly work at a smaller location .  So I stayed a couple nights at a hotel near the main office, then stayed anywhere from 1-4 nights each at a variety of other locations around the area, including a youth hostel, another hotel, and people's houses or apartments found through AirBNB or CouchSurfing.  As I began to get a feel for the area, I toured a few apartments , and after a couple days of looking, found a good one located between the main office and my usual worksite.  My family flew in and we s