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MacBook glitch #3 - Solved!

If you read my blog, you might remember that about 2 years ago, Ibought a black MacBooklaptop from Apple.  I also purchased Apple's "AppleCare" extended warranty for it, which cost $249 (maybe a bit less since I'm an academic) and extended the warranty from 1 year to 3 years.  Extended warranties (usually the ones offered by retailers like Best Buy, Office Max and Circuit City) get their share of probably deserved criticism, but AppleCare is entirely manufacturer-run, like some (though perhaps not all) similar extended warranty plans offered by other computer makers.  Since Itravel extensivelyand use my laptop for probably 10-14 hours a day, I like AppleCare.Fairly early on - about three months and 20,000 miles in - I had someproblems with its wireless internetcapabilities, which turned out to be due to a defective AirPort card.  I "worked around" the issue for a while, then finally had the sense to take the laptop to an Apple retail store near m…