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Actual lyrics to "Awaken the Giant" by Stratovarius

I like the song "Awaken the Giant" from the 2003 album "Elements Pt. 2" by the Finnish band Stratovarius. It's one of my favorite motivational or inspirational songs. So I decided to look up the lyrics to it on the web. I got plenty of results , most of which included a typographical error, "munst" where I was sure it should be "must." So I decided to listen to the song and compare the actual lyrics to the ones on the web. Unsurprisingly, I found more errors. Surprisingly, some of them (including "munst") came from the "official" version of the lyrics on the band's own web site ! So I listened to the song a few times and pieced together these corrected lyrics, which I believe to be closer to the words that are actually sung than anything else you'll find on the web. Just another public service. ;) I'm staring at the wall, sick and tired of all  Manic depression makes me small; it makes me cra

Inexpensive Night Intervalometry with the Digital Rebel XT

 I recently discovered two interesting things: Canon's TC-80N3 intervalometer ($130ish) makes it possible for their mid-range (EOS-20D, EOS-30D) and professional (EOS-5D, EOS-1D) digital SLRs to take exposures at timed intervals. Canon's low-end digital SLRs, including the Digital Rebel XT (EOS-350D) I use, are not compatible with the TC-80N3, and third-party solutions like the  Zigview R  are quite expensive ($250+). However, whilst poking around last night, I pieced together three other facts: The Digital Rebel XT supports the RS-60E3 ($20ish) remote switch, which I have, for "bulb" releases to prevent camera shake, or to arbitrarily long exposures. The XT does timed exposures up to 30 seconds, and can do long-exposure dark frame subtraction for anything over 1 second at ISO/ASA 1600 or anything over 30 seconds at lower ISO/ASA settings, taking as long for the subtraction as it does for the timed exposure. The XT has a "motor drive," and