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It's official: AOL is lame

They're not offering me enough... So I got an offer (that I  can  refuse): Try AOL 9.0 blah blah blah and get a  free  3-day, 2-night "getaway" at a Fairfield Inn by Marriott. Right-o. I think I can see a few problems with this: It's not really 3 days, it's 2 nights. Nobody stays  in the hotel  during the day. The closest Fairfield Inns to me are... over 2,000 miles away. No, it doesn't include airfare. This presumes that they expect me to at least  try  AOL, and they're not indicating that they'll pay my usual (very reasonable, I might add) hourly rate for  putting up with things that suck horribly . So. All AOL needs to do is throw in airfare and a steamer trunk full of cash, and... I'll think about it.