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In Haddonfield, Web-Site Design Firm is Taking Off

In Haddonfield, Web-Site Design Firm is Taking Off David Cho,  Philadelphia Inquirer , January 3 1999 Like so many Internet experts, Michael Kuehl and Dan Birchoff learned their craft mainly on the computer in the home office instead of getting formal training in college. And like so many new Web-site production firms, their month-old Digital Facilities Management of Haddonfield is sailing into a precarious business world where hundreds of companies seem to rise and fall every year. In the tri-county South Jersey area, there are about 107 Web-page-design companies listed in the phone book, all less than a decade old. Some of those listed have already folded. But Kuehl and Birchoff, whose company consists of themselves and eight part-time freelancers, believe they have the vision to turn a profit in a tight business field. Their 50 clients include some of the richest firms in New Jersey: casinos in Atlantic City. ..."When both of us went to college, there wasn