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Free things to do on the Big Island

Ah, Hawaii! The mere word conjures images of a chain of unique islands, all with beautiful weather, crystal-clear waters full of colorful tropical fish, world-class beaches, and relaxation galore. On the flip side, visiting Hawaii means a long flight for most people, and although each island has its own attractions, none has a reputation for being particularly cheap to visit! So... what can you do for free in Hawaii, using the Big Island (where I live) as an example? Here are a few ideas. Be aware that the island is almost as big as Connecticut, and while the bus system is currently free, the coverage and schedule aren't very good yet - so you will need a motor vehicle if you want to travel long distances, and in some cases, 4-wheel-drive is a must. Note: This list is very much a work in progress! I've got a lot more to add, but decided to start off with ten things - I'm figuring more like fifty or a hundred - yes, really! - when I'm done. I'm goi

Four Beams on Galactic Center

The Keck II, Gemini North, Keck I and Subaru telescopes propagate their lasers toward the galactic center.