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The Christmas Modem Twit, 2009 Edition

Back in days of yore, when no one had anything more than a modem, and most people who had modems at home used them simply to call BBSes, as opposed to dialing into the Internet, BBS system operators (Sysops) and experienced users were annually beset with clueless new users who found modems under the Christmas tree, dubbed "Christmas modem twits." On the Internet, of course, the influx of clueless newbies occurred at the start of the academic year in September, when incoming Freshmen gained access to things like Usenet discussion groups.  When AOL began offering its broader, less-educated userbase access to Usenet in 1993, it was referred to as "the September that never ends." I woke this morning to find a   BusinessWeek   blurb online entitled " Apple iPod Touch Application Downloads Jump 1,000% on Christmas , and I thought, "Well, du-u-uh!" A research firm says this jump signals that "sales of the media player surged during the ho