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I've messed around with a fair bit of operating systems and hardware over the years:

As a student:

  • AT&T UNIX on 3b15 and UNIX PC 7300
  • Commodore 64 and 128
  • MS-DOS on whitebox x86 hardware
  • Tano Outpost II
  • VMS on DEC VAX
  • VM/CMS on IBM 4381 and 9377
As a professional:
  • AOS/VS II on Data General Eclipse
  • Dynix on Sequent servers
  • HP Tru64 UNIX on DEC/Compaq Alpha workstations
  • IRIX on SGI Indy workstation
  • MacOS X on Apple iBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro and Power Mac
  • Microsoft Windows, Windows NT and Xenix on x86 hardware
  • SCO OpenServer and Red Hat Linux on Dell PowerEdge servers 
  • SunOS and Solaris on Sun workstations and E250/E450 servers
  • Windows and Red Hat Linux on Dell Latitude laptops, Optiplex and Precision desktops
At random:
  • AIX on IBM PC/RT and RS/6000 workstations
  • Domain/OS on Apollo workstations
  • HP/UX on HP 9000 workstations
  • NEWS-OS on Sony NEWS workstations
  • PC/GEOS on whitebox x86 hardware
Coding in:
  • Commodore BASIC, Fortran-77, MegaBASIC, PERL 4, PHP 3, REXX, SQL (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
Online systems:
  • QuantumLink, BITNET Relay, IRC, TinyMUD, MUSH, MUCK, MOO, LPMUD, QuartzBBS, ISCABBS, PrismBBS, USENET (alt.sysadmin.recovery, comp.binaries.geos, and others)
  • Consultant, Helpdesk, Postmaster, Programmer, Security Goon, Spamfighter, System Administrator, System operator, Webmaster
There may be (read: probably are) a few other things I forgot at the time I was writing this page, so if you're looking for a Dan Birchall who has done something entirely different in technology, it may or may not be me.  Please contact me to be sure one way or the other.