Thursday, January 19, 1995

This crazed guy, Shag

(Guitar World, January 1995 interview with Chris DeGarmo and Michael Wilton of Queensrÿche)

GW: Guitar World just recently went up on-line on, CompuServe. is there a Queensrÿche BBS or an e-mail address?

DeGARMO: Yeah, we have a tap into the Internet, don't we?

WILTON: Yeah, we have this crazed guy, Shag. He's got this whole network of all these people engaging in this futuristic 'Rÿchean discussion.

DeGARMO: It's all this speculation on Queensrÿche. It's quite entertaining to read. People trying to figure out what the songs are about, plugged in all around the world.

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