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Sizzlers Steakhouse and Ocean Grill

Casting about for a spot to have lunch in Glasgow with a former teammate from Uddington, I worried that we might be stuck with either a one-cuisine place (Chinese and Italian seem most common in the city center), a pub, or the American mediocrity of T.G.I.Friday. Fortunately, she suggested checking out Merchant Square, where there were a variety of restaurants in one big old building, including this nice one offering steak and seafood (and pasta). Better still, they have a £6.95 two-course lunch special, starting at noon, which is quite reasonable given the quality food and ambiance. Even with drinks and the automatic tip, it comes out to perhaps £10 a person, not bad at all. Due to my tight schedule, we were there when the doors opened, and found the service to be fast, friendly and attentive. We opted for a quiet table inside to chat and catch up on the foreign-affairs scene, but there are also "outside" tables in an open area within the large former industr