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Bookworm 2: The Return

A couple weeks ago, my daughter got her very own library card. This was an extremely big deal, and still is. It did get lost in her room (as things tend to do) but was found quickly today, for her return trip to the library. The return trip involved, of course, returning books - something she'd never had to do before, but now knows about. Then she decided she wanted some science books, so I showed her where the kids' non-fiction shelves were, and she picked books about germs, centipedes, mosquitoes and grasshoppers. Then she picked up "Franklin is Messy" from the fiction shelves.   The librarian pointed out the shelves for circulating magazines and new books, and we finished up with 2 issues of "Spider" magazine (it's not about spiders; it's the follow-on to "Cricket" for slightly older kids) and a huge thick book containing ALL the "Thomas the Tank Engine" stories that had just arrived. We got to checkout, and