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Chicken chicken chicken

Doug Zongker's PowerPoint talk at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, demonstrating how important presentation style and digrams can be when, as is often the case, one is presenting information that is utterly without meaning. If you have difficulty seeing any of the illustrations in the video, you can download a PDF of the "paper" from Doug's site .

My Day Wasn't Like Yours

And your day wasn't like mine. I can say this without even having the slightest idea what your day was like. I can say it with a reasonably high level of certainty. And I can also say with a reasonably high degree of certainty that you should be  glad  your day wasn't like mine. My day started somewhere around 7 due to various alarm clocks going off. I rolled over, checked my email, did some work-related stuff, eventually got up, showered, dressed, and wandered over to the United Nations somewhere around 9 since the day's negotiating would begin at 10. The morning was fairly typical - well, by my definition of typical. I took a bunch of pictures of diplomats generally not agreeing about anything, got in touch with teammates in Los Angeles and Nairobi to make sure they had flights to Germany next week (one of them will even be on a flight with me!), and stuff like that. I came back from the cafeteria during lunch with a fruit salad... and found two instant

MacBook Wi-Fi Disconnect Problem - Solved!

For the last eight months, my MacBook exhibited the undesirable behavior that affects some members of the species. Namely: It will randomly lose track of the Internet, despite still showing full Wi-Fi signal strength in the menu bar. After #1 occurs, turning Airport off and on won't result in it actually finding things again. After #1 occurs and the machine is rebooted, it may completely forget that it even has an Airport card. I googled fairly extensively, and have narrowed it down to one of the following: The Airport card isn't seated correctly The Airport antenna isn't connected to the card correctly There's something wrong with the card's firmware There's something wrong with our Netgear wireless router's firmware There's something wrong with the software In other words, I didn't really narrow it down at all. It was either hardware, firmware, or software. The only thing I knew it wasn't   was human error. :) Of course, given that anot