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A slightly productive day in the life...

Since getting home early this week, I haven't really been out and about a whole lot, due to jet-lag and working nights. Today, I managed to be a tiny bit more rested, so I went out and wandered around doing things that needed to be done. My first stop was the 7-Eleven, where I got some money from the ATM and bought a small bottle of apple juice (to drink right away) and a larger one of water (to drink during my wandering). Then I walked downtown to the post office, where I bought a money order and sent it (for expedited processing) off with my passport to get more visa pages added. I also mailed Christmas presents to Scotland. I thought the temp agency might have a check for me since I worked earlier this week, so I stopped by their office, and they did. They also had one from October which I had forgotten to pick up, so now I have those two and a small refund from GEICO to take to the credit union either tomorrow or Tuesday. And they gave me a $5 gift certificate


I wanted to see Invincible for three main reasons: 1. It's a feel-good rags-to-riches kind of story. 2. It's a true story. 3. It's set in Philadelphia, near where I grew up. Unfortunately, I was too busy to see it in the theater, and wound up seeing it through a happy accident, when the scheduled movie on a flight from China to Japan (The Lake House, which I had already seen on another flight) refused to play! Simply, it's the story of Vince Papale, a man who played (American) football in high school but not in college, then while working as a substitute teacher and bartender and playing for a minor-league team, got a tryout with the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles and made the team, becoming the league's oldest rookie without college experience. Papale's story is told pretty accurately, with only minor (if unnecessary) changes in the movie. Philadelphia is given a nice portrayal, and the actors and dialogue feel like people and language one would ac

Aswefall - Between the Miles lyrics

Between the Miles Aswefall (vocals by Daniella D'Ambrosio) From " Between the Miles (Air France Soundtrack) - Single" Based on " Between Us " from the CD " Bleed " (Air France's music on hold.) I can see for miles I can see your face Within the miles That lie between us Away with the sea The sea that lies between you and me It's in the mirror It's in my eyes Within the miles That lie between us Within the miles That lie between us Away with the sea Away with the sea The tears they float Away with the sea Away with the sea The sea that lies between you and me The tears they float Away with the sea Away with the sea

Someone helped me, but no one will admit it.

I had a Northwest ticket for some KLM flights. Northwest is partnered with KLM, and KLM is also partnered with Air France. On some of the flights, my Northwest frequent flyer number didn't make it onto my boarding passes, and to make matters worse, I lost the boarding pass stub after one of the longer flights. And of course I wanted credit for having flown! I called Northwest. Northwest said it was KLM's plane, and to call them. I called KLM. KLM said they couldn't help me, and to call Air France. I called Air France. Air France said it was Northwest's ticket and to call them. This all took an hour or so of fortunately toll-free calls. By the time I called Northwest back, every single flight had been credited. I'm at a loss to explain how, or by whom, since everyone I spoke to claimed that   they   couldn't do it!