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Nothing like a Narwhal slushy

Apparently there are people out there who know what narwhals taste like... and think that narwhal is an acceptable flavor for a slushy drink.  From what little I know of narwhals, I would expect this flavor to be halfway between blubbery and bloody, so I didn't try it.


Courtesy of Gleason Public Library in Carlisle, Massachusetts: 

Thickly Could've Done Better

Lord of the (Dragon)flies?

This summer, dragonflies have seemed to like me more than normal.  They'll land on me, or land near me and climb onto my hand if I offer.  I haven't yet figured out how to use this to my advantage in any way, though.


I spotted this colorful lizard on the rocks along Lake Victoria in Entebbe.

Sounds about right

I don't want to even think about how many times I've done this myself, or seen others do it.
On the other hand, I could never quite get the hang of this one.  Apparently, however, all the real programmers whose code I had to modify or maintain found it easy.

How to Move

I got a new job 5,000 miles from my old job.  My new employers weren't offering to put me up anywhere while I hunted for an apartment, and although I did some looking around online ahead of time, the housing market was pretty tight, so I pretty much had to get on the ground and start showing up in person to look at apartments, then have my family join me once I found one.I knew that on day one, I'd be working at an organization's main office, but going forward I'd mostly work at a smaller location.  So I stayed a couple nights at a hotel near the main office, then stayed anywhere from 1-4 nights each at a variety of other locations around the area, including a youth hostel, another hotel, and people's houses or apartments found through AirBNB or CouchSurfing.  As I began to get a feel for the area, I toured a few apartments, and after a couple days of looking, found a good one located between the main office and my usual worksite.  My family flew in and we stayed f…