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Proposal: Use the SF-86 to Vet Candidates

After some recent media stories about the health (or not) of our President's finances, I have seen a few commentators suggest that a President having hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign debt is a national security risk.  The idea is that huge amounts of debt make someone more vulnerable to: Blackmail ("We know you have this debt and will tell everyone, unless you do what we want.") Extortion ("We lent you lots of money, now you have to do what we want.") Influence Operations ("We'll help you with this debt, if you do what we want.") Obviously, blackmail only works if the debt is not already publicly known, which highlights the importance of candidates for high office making financial information public, through financial disclosure statements and the release of tax returns.  Our President hasn't been very good at that part, which is bad for optics since it makes it look like someone could influence him, but he can easily correct that a

Nothing like a Narwhal slushy

Apparently there are people out there who know what narwhals taste like... and think that narwhal is an acceptable flavor for a slushy drink.  From what little I know of narwhals, I would expect this flavor to be halfway between blubbery and bloody, so I didn't try it.


Courtesy of Gleason Public Library in Carlisle, Massachusetts: 

Thickly Could've Done Better


Lord of the (Dragon)flies?

This summer, dragonflies have seemed to like me more than normal.  They'll land on me, or land near me and climb onto my hand if I offer.  I haven't yet figured out how to use this to my advantage in any way, though.


I spotted this colorful lizard on the rocks along Lake Victoria in Entebbe.

Sounds about right

I don't want to even think about how many times I've done this myself, or seen others do it. On the other hand, I could never quite get the hang of this one.  Apparently, however, all the real  programmers whose code I had to modify or maintain found it easy.