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I like Wednesdays at the UN, because the Samascott Orchards folk come down from Kinderhook in their truck and sell apples and cider and berries and apple muffins and apple oatmeal raisin cookies and so on, at the Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza Greenmarket. Yum.  

Mills Observatory

Have to send a shout-out to the Mills Observatory in Dundee, Scotland - the first observatory in the United Kingdom built entirely for public use, and the only observatory I've visited outside Hawaii. Check out the observatory's page on Facebook.


In the course of my wanderings, I occasionally run into people who are kind of famous, and take pictures of them.  (I rarely think to take pictures with them , though!)  So, here are a few pictures of famous people I've photographed. William "" Adams, rapper. Elle Macpherson, supermodel. Allan "" Pineda Lindo Jr., rapper. Angelique Kidjo, Grammy-winning singer.