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End Poverty - Be the Generation

This video is about the newly launched "inmyname" campaign against poverty. I attended the star-studded launch event at Dag Hammarskjald Plaza in New York this morning. (It was star-studded because of who was there  other  than me.)

Why I don't really care about Bristol Palin

Lots of people, especially those in the media, are all excited about Bristol Palin, the daughter of Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and presumptive Republican nominee for Vice President, being pregnant. There are one or two reasons for this excitement that are sensible enough.  First, Mrs. Palin has gone on the record as opposing teaching anything other than abstinence in sex ed, and, well, that kinda didn't work out in Bristol's case.  And a few people have glommed onto Mrs. Palin's statement that Bristol "chose" to keep the baby, in light of Mrs. Palin's stated position that abortion should be illegal in all cases except those where the mother's life is at risk. But other commentators and pundits have pointed out that basically everyone in America has either gotten pregnant out of wedlock, or knows someone who has.  And I don't think that's far off the mark.  Heck, Barack Obama's parents got married after h