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FIeld & Stream 2-piece Solid Rainsuit

In January, I headed for the inauguration equipped with warm clothing, but I didn't own anything properly waterproof or windproof. My dad got me this jacket and pant rainsuit (thanks, Dad!) in case weather that day was inclement. It didn't end up raining, but there was a bit of a breeze, which this suit blocked handily. Back home, I've had more opportunities to put it through its paces. My city is the rainiest in the USA (sorry, Seattle, we get four times as much rain as you), and I also frequently go up the mountains, where we get some high winds. Today, I wore the set over a t-shirt and shorts for my bicycle ride to work in scattered light rain, wore it again in cold and wind at 9,200 feet, and wore it again for my ride home in torrential rain, getting only my face and feet soaked - everything else stayed dry! Since this rainsuit doesn't have vents or "breathe" a whole lot, it will feel hot if worn during physically strenuous activity somewhe