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The Unboxing Experience : Evil Husband Edition

My wife is a fan of James Bond movies, in much the same way that Warren Buffett is getting by okay, Van Gogh liked to paint a bit, or Linus Torvalds is a geek.  Prefixes like "rabid" or "├╝ber-" come to mind.  This fall marked the 50th anniversary of the Bond franchise, and a "Bond 50" boxed set was released on Blu-ray.  There was a brief burst of media about this, coinciding with the theatrical release of Skyfall , and then it was pretty much forgotten... e xcept, of course, by those of us who are married to hardcore Bond fans who had birthdays coming up. Of course, it wasn't cheap, and when I found a local store that had it, the words "limited availability" featured prominently.  I bought the one they had on the shelf, a few weeks before Christmas, and hid it away.  Then I got to thinking... my wife is sneaky and likes to play tricks on me, but I grew up in a tricky family.  Obviously, the gift needed to be disguised somehow. Fo