Friday, July 14, 2000

Hooked on Cellular

Hooked on cellular (excerpt)
Vicki Viotti,  Honolulu Advertiser, July 14 2000

...You'll have to forgive my philosophic meanderings. I find myself between cell-phone contracts and in a mild state of techno-deprivation. It has given me pause, although one of my news contacts out there, a Palolo-dwelling programmer named Dan Birchall, wonders what I'm fussing about.

"My cell phone is probably one of the things I just don't really think about or, when given the chance, try not to think about, anyway," Birchall wrote via e-mail.

Easy for him to say. And Birchall only recently acquired a cell phone, so he may not have had time to develop a full-fledged addiction.

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