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What She Said

My wife wrote a blog entry on this, the anniversary of the January 6 insurrection.  She grew up overseas during a time of political turmoil, and writes, " By kindergarten, I had survived five years of guerilla warfare and two coups ... I know insurrection when I see it."  She has some ideas for where to go from here.  Check it out:

Vote Viv!

My wife Vivian is running for State Representative for the 14th Middlesex District of Massachusetts (Acton/Carlisle/Chelmsford/Concord) in the 2022 elections. Since we moved to Massachusetts over five years ago, Viv has worked and volunteered tirelessly with local and regional non-profits, government and media, so she is well-known in some segments of local society. But I've known her more than a decade longer - for most of her adult life - and know that she brings a perspective shaped by experiences far beyond our district, from working on implementation of an environmental court in Hawaii to developing multi-year national plans for Uganda, serving on country delegations to African Union summits and speaking as a side-event panelist at United Nations headquarters due to her work with the African diaspora in the Boston area. As an immigrant born in a rural African village and raised in an urban slum, a naturalized US citizen, working mother, renter, and person of color, she also ha