Saturday, October 27, 2007

Socializing, entertainment, and miles of walking.

I had a few different places to walk tonight, and overall it totaled around 4.3 miles, which wasn't too bad.  After I biked down from work, showered, shaved, changed, et cetera, I walked over to meet up with a friend who works up where I volunteer.  I was only a few minutes late. Go, me!

We walked to Kope Kope, which is kinda the place people here hang out who are too cool for Starbucks.  We arrived just as Randy (who's known my family since his days at Abundant Life) introduced the opening act (and birthday girl) Jasmine Miranda Crowe, who did some solo guitar songs, and some others with bassist Anthonwy.

Then she played electric violin with Anthowny and 
Ærynn's band, Æthyrus, which is my favorite band within at least a 2000 mile radius of Hilo.  (And I'm not just saying that because I see Ærynn at work all the time and Anthonwy lives around the corner, either!) It was pretty cool - acoustic guitar, electric violin, and elecric bass are a good combo, and I hadn't seen Jasmine play with Æthyrus before.  Jasmine's voice turned out to be really good, and I already knew Ærynn's was.

My friend had to be up early in the morning (she'll be up at 2900 meters tomorrow a good 4 hours before I get there!) so we left a little after 8.  After walking her home, I decided to swing by Long's Drugs to get a couple things, then went home and had a bit to eat.  Since it had decided to stop raining, and I hadn't checked my post office box in ages, I wandered to the post office, but was disappointed to see that it contained no checks, only bills.

On my way back, I walked along the bayfront retail district to check out the new 
"cut-off" street lights that are being tried out there.  The fixture shields the lights from shining sideways, so there's less glare, but they still seem to put out the same amount of light, so it's easy to not realize they've been changed.  That's a good thing, of course.

Now that I'm home, of course, it's raining again.  As it's supposed to be!

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