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Socializing, entertainment, and miles of walking.

I had a few different places to walk tonight, and overall it totaled around 4.3 miles, which wasn't too bad.  After I biked down from work, showered, shaved, changed, et cetera, I walked over to meet up with a friend  who works up where I volunteer.  I was only a few minutes late. Go, me! We walked to  Kope Kope , which is kinda  the  place people here hang out who are too cool for Starbucks.  We arrived just as   Randy  (who's known my family since his days at  Abundant Life ) introduced  the opening act (and  birthday girl)  Jasmine Miranda Crowe , who did some solo guitar songs, and some others with bassist  Anthonwy . Then she played electric violin with Anthowny and  Ærynn 's band,  Æthyrus , which is my favorite band within at least a 2000 mile radius of Hilo.  (And I'm not just saying that because I see Ærynn at work all the time and Anthonwy lives around the corner, either!) It was pretty cool - acoustic guitar, electric violin, and elecric bass are a g