Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Someone helped me, but no one will admit it.

I had a Northwest ticket for some KLM flights. Northwest is partnered with KLM, and KLM is also partnered with Air France. On some of the flights, my Northwest frequent flyer number didn't make it onto my boarding passes, and to make matters worse, I lost the boarding pass stub after one of the longer flights. And of course I wanted credit for having flown!

I called Northwest. Northwest said it was KLM's plane, and to call them.
I called KLM. KLM said they couldn't help me, and to call Air France.
I called Air France. Air France said it was Northwest's ticket and to call them.

This all took an hour or so of fortunately toll-free calls.

By the time I called Northwest back, every single flight had been credited. I'm at a loss to explain how, or by whom, since everyone I spoke to claimed that they couldn't do it!

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