Saturday, December 23, 2006

A slightly productive day in the life...

Since getting home early this week, I haven't really been out and about a whole lot, due to jet-lag and working nights. Today, I managed to be a tiny bit more rested, so I went out and wandered around doing things that needed to be done.

My first stop was the 7-Eleven, where I got some money from the ATM and bought a small bottle of apple juice (to drink right away) and a larger one of water (to drink during my wandering). Then I walked downtown to the post office, where I bought a money order and sent it (for expedited processing) off with my passport to get more visa pages added. I also mailed Christmas presents to Scotland.

I thought the temp agency might have a check for me since I worked earlier this week, so I stopped by their office, and they did. They also had one from October which I had forgotten to pick up, so now I have those two and a small refund from GEICO to take to the credit union either tomorrow or Tuesday. And they gave me a $5 gift certificate to the supermarket (that's my "Christmas bonus" as a temp).

I remembered that I had been meaning to get a post office box so I could have non-junk mail go somewhere secure, so I went back to the post office and did that. Then I went to the supermarket and the health food store and stocked up on canned pineapple, canned tuna, and Fuji apples. I also bought a few small bananas which I ate.

On the way home, I saw my old Honda outside the workplace of my friend Linda who I'd sold it to, but I had to hurry so I didn't stop in to say hi. I got food from Burger King as I didn't really have a dinner in mind. Stopped at the mailbox to get my mail - a couple Christmas cards, some luggage tags I ordered, and also my Gold Elite packet from Northwest Airlines... with more luggage tags. :) I ate and opened my mail, then went downstairs to get my bike ready for the ride up to work. Unfortunately, I discovered one of its spokes had snapped. I got my ex's bike ready instead, moved my seat onto it, showered, packed up my gear, and rode to work.

Then I sat around for a good long while waiting for the observers to show up. Once they did it became a busy, but not terribly bad, night. I also managed to talk to our engineer and got scheduled for a couple weekends of work in January, so I will be pretty busy until I leave... although I did lose a couple nights of work earlier in the month due to some rescheduling of the temp job. 

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