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2007: Think "Different"

I'm far enough into the new year to have worked my first shift, given my first public talk and had my first global conference call, and in a couple more days, I'll fly my first round trip of the year. I'm getting a little bit of a feel for what lies ahead, and I think the differences between this year and last may be greater than most of my year-to-year differences have been lately.

Many things are still up in the air at this point, so I can't really divulge details, but I'm optimistic that most if not all of the changes will be for the better. One thing that's certainly off to a better start than in 2006 is travel, since I managed to earn top-tier elite status in 2006. I'm also looking forward to being based in Scotland with family for at least part of the year. As for everything else... stay tuned!