Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Geneva to Berkeley in one (very long) "day"


After posting photos of Geneva on Sunday afternoon, I wandered around a bit more in the dark to get some photos by night.  The big tall waterspout thing I had seen in the day turned out to be illuminated at night, which made for an interesting scene.  I could also see Cathédrale Saint-Pierre across Lake Geneva in the old part of the city.

Once that was accomplished, I wandered back over to the youth hostel and got a little bit of sleep, then my friend Gaëlle at CERN gave me a ride to the Geneva airport in her 1986 BMW 316 at 5:30 AM for my 7:00 AM flight out.  Thanks, Gaëlle!

The flight from Geneva to Amsterdam was uneventful.  I slept a good portion of it.  I also slept some on the flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco, since I had already seen two of the three movies they showed.  We got  great aerial views of Iceland and the Bay Area, including the Golden Gate Bridge.

Iceland from the air.

The Golden Gate Bridge from the air.

I ended up having dinner at Triple Rock in Berkeley with some friends I was visiting - had a very yummy hamburger and some fries and lemonade.

Triple Rock's sign.

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