Sunday, September 4, 2005

One hardback down...

Last night or this morning, my daughter proudly handed me her 3-chapter-books Arthur book, having finished all 187 pages of it. I had promised her another hardback from Borders when she finished that one, so off we went.

She didn't want another Arthur one right away, and wasn't terribly interested in the Magic Treehouse or Little Genie ones. We looked over some hardback compilations of children's books by Richard Scarry and the like. She declared the "charming stories for little girls" volume to be "too heavy." And we couldn't figure out where the Encyclopedia Brown books were.
Just as we were running out of time, she spotted a display with "deluxe" hardbacks of The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, and The Secret Garden. Each book had a little girl's necklace shrink-wrapped with it. So... she now has a necklace a little pendant of ruby red slippers, and the logical book. And she says she wants The Secret Garden, with its key pendant, next. But a non-illustrated edition of The Wizard of Oz should keep her occupied for a little while.

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