Friday, September 16, 2005

Preliminary thoughts on Europe

1. Nice trains. Lots and lots of trains. Must remember to take pictures.
2. However, a meeting must be held to agree what side to drive on.
3. Also, having an occasional on-time flight would be nice.
4. Austria's solar bill is apparently in arrears, so the sun refuses to shine.
5. Worst travel experience: landing in an Airbus A319.
6. Second worst experience: taking off in an Airbus A319.

(The Airbus A319 is roughly the European version of the Boeing 737. The one I flew on felt as though it had been assembled from the cheapest and least rigid materials available, and was working itself loose so it could fall apart. It wobbled or swerved from side to side while taking off, and did so again on landing - after a bounce or two.)

Sunset at Heathrow. Cloudiness and pollution make pretty sunsets.

Even in Austria, crossing the tracks in the train station is prohibited.

London from the air at night.

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