Thursday, August 21, 2003

Great time to live in Hilo

 Earlier this year, Hilo got its first Starbucks. Quite nearby, actually. I was particularly unenthusiastic about this, partly because the location had, once upon a time before we lived here, been a Wendy's, and now the nearest Wendy's is 90 miles away.

Next month, Hilo is getting its 
second Starbucks. Since I don't drink coffee, I don't really care about this one either. It'll be located out near Kuhio Grill, across the parking lot from the mall (Prince Kuhio Plaza).

What I 
do care about is that this Starbucks will follow the example of Starbucks locations all over Honolulu, and include an adjacent Jamba Juice smoothie shop.

Now, it's not like Hilo is a smoothie void right now. There's an Orange Julius in the mall; across Maka'ala street there's another one in the Waiakea Pavilion food court, and Island Naturals has smoothies, as does Abundant Life downtown. But after spending a couple years in Honolulu, I like some of Jamba's flavors, so I'll be glad to see them here.

(Oh, and if you're wondering if I think Starbucks is for uppity type-A sorts who're caffeinating - and typically smoking - their way to an early grave... well, I wouldn't exactly 
disagree with that characterization.)

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