Tuesday, August 12, 2003

The Idiots Have Taken Over

To the driver of the white Taurus wagon, the solid line means don't change lanes here. It especially means that when the lane you're going into is occupied by a car moving significantly faster than yours. I don't know if you just upgraded from a Yugo, but please, learn how long your vehicle is, so those of us you cut off won't wear our brakes out. Thanks!

I was fascinated to learn today that it's a violation of federal law to boycott Israel. So if I were to decide, say, that I don't approve of, for example, Mossad carrying out targeted assassinations in the United States, and that I want to protest this practice by not buying things from Israeli companies... well, I'd best do it quietly, since actually stating such a policy, or in any way documenting it, or even saying "this product contains nothing from Israel" is a federal no-no.

Where it really gets confusing is this: There are countries (in the "Arab world") that are boycotting Israel, and the boycott probably includes not letting Israeli-flagged ships into their ports. Fairly logical if you're doing a boycott, yes? However, it is illegal in the US to agree that a shipment to a company in any of those countries must come in on a ship that's allowed into their ports -- because that would be supporting the boycott. So... how are you supposed to ship goods to those countries with any degree of certainty?

Geez, I'm glad I'm not in a position to have to worry about the boycott silliness. (And hopefully I'm not in one to have to worry about Mossad assassinations, either!)

I think the McDonald's in a nearby town must be firing, executing, or otherwise disposing of any employees who graduate from trainee status. They always seem to have twice as many employees as it should take to get the job done... yet none of them seem to know how to work the register and get an order right. With employment so soft here, there should be plenty of out-of-work Ph.D's who could do this...

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