Sunday, October 9, 2011

Volunteer Dinner 2011

This Saturday evening, I attended the annual Mauna Kea Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at Hale Pohaku (2,800 meters up Mauna Kea).  Picked up some goodies, a new hat with my name on it (and "100 Hours" since I volunteered at least 100, but less than 250, hours in the last fiscal year), and things like that.

Congrats to Josh Walawender for winning Volunteer of the Year, to Richard Hilliard for passing the 3,000-hour lifetime volunteering mark, and to Cliff Livermore for passing the 4,000-hour lifetime volunteering mark!  I only have 1,500 or so lifetime hours, because I'm busy with work and family and all that.  But I'm about 25 years younger than Cliff or Richard, so I might catch up someday. :)

And of course, there were group photos!  I foolishly stood next to a lamp, at the very left.

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