Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"Internationally published photographer" sounds nice.

A few years ago, IEEE Spectrum published a photo of mine in an article on wind power. Now, AIR International (published in the UK) has run one of my photos as the lead in an article on Northwest Airlines' retirement of the DC-10. The 2-page article appears on pages 62-63 of the March 2007 issue, and also includes 2 other photos, 1 by the article's author and 1 by a third photographer.

So that's two countries (on or near two different continents, even) where I've had photo credits in print. Yay, me. Photos I've taken as part of the whole conference coverage process have also turned up in reports in at least Europe and Asia, but I don't count it unless it's something people subscribe to for a price, and I get a printed photo credit with my name in it.

Oh, and I have to note that taking photos for magazines isn't something I do.  At least, not deliberately.  I take photos because I like to take photos, and every now and then, it seems, magazines come calling.  I don't mind that.

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