Monday, April 18, 2005

Progress = Shinier Toys

Everyone's getting shinier toys, over time. Even the ophthalmologists, as I learned at this morning's eye exam.

Now, I'm not saying they've got toys of the same scale and quality as, say, astrophysicists. But something that can take pictures of the backs of my eyes... is pretty cool. (They look, incidentally, sort of like plasma spheres, but pinker.) Even if they wouldn't email the pictures to me. :(

Anyway, after testing all sorts of things with various machines (all of which, sadly, did 
not go "ping!") the doctor put a bunch of DelusionalDrops™ in my eyes, did some more tests, and pronounced me good to go, after which I went around town feeling very unfocused for a couple hours.

End results? Uncorrected, my right eye is around 20/25 and my left one is still almost 20/20. That's somewhere around 6/7 and 6/6 respectively, for you metric sorts. I can get glasses if I want them, but I don't have to at this point. Maybe if I get a job with vision coverage...

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