Friday, April 15, 2005

Egg-stremely worrisome news

I don't know if I like this particular news coincidence.

April 14: ABC News runs an interesting story about "Resurrection Ecology," in which eggs laid years or even decades ago by aquatic species were found by scientists in lake-bottom mud and actually hatched, allowing the scientists to do "then and now" comparisons between the species.

April 15: CNN runs 
a story about shelled eggs found in the fossil of a 10-to-13 foot tall carnivorous, bipedal oviraptorosaurian.

Now, from the CNN story, I can't tell whether the eggs are fossilized. I presume they are. I hope they are. But if they're not, I just want to issue a heartfelt plea to the scientists to 
not try to hatch them. I'm very allergic to 10-foot-tall carnivorous bipeds, you see. Make an omelet, scramble them, hard-boil them, make a really large amount of egg nog- I don't care. Just don't hatch 'em.

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