Sunday, August 31, 2003

Great Lewchew!

A former barbershop around the corner from me is now going to be a school of Okinawan culture and arts. (I took this picture of their sign with my cell phone.) This is nifty for a couple reasons.

First, culture is just neat. Exposure to all sorts of different cultures is one of the big advantages of living in Hawaii.

Second, Okinawa is a culture I actually have some connection to! Yeah, I'm as anglo as the day is long, but a
cousin of mine (on my mom's side) lives in Okinawa, has a wife from there, and is one of the top experts on Okinawa's pre-WWII history. So I've long had more than a passing interest in Okinawa.

I think we'll all have to go check this place out.

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