Friday, July 29, 2011

Back to the Dark Side

For the first time since June 1, I'm working a full night - and I'm happy about this.

The morning of June 1, I went home after a six-night run at my job.  I worked the evening of June 3 at my second job, but then couldn't work the evening of June 8 due to equipment problems.  I flew out June 9 for three and a half weeks of traveling, combining some vacation and some stuff for my third job.

I had expected to work July 5-10, but right before I got home from my vacation, my main job also had some mechanical problems, so I spent most of a couple weeks in a cubicle working on documentation.  Fortunately, I managed to spend a couple days here and there help with recovery from the problems.

But now everything's been working again for a week, so I'm back where I belong, operating big heavy complicated things, yay!

And my second job hopes to be back in operation soon, too, which I'd certainly appreciate.

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