Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Change to My Flight Itinerary... or not.

In the near future, my parents are celebrating a milestone anniversary, so I've booked flights to go see them.  Of course, sometimes things change on the airlines, so I wasn't terribly surprised to get email from Orbitz notifying me of a change to my itinerary.

I skimmed the new and previous itineraries, and confirmed that the only change in flight times was... well, there wasn't a change in flight times.  Odd.

So I cut-and-pasted the itineraries into files, and asked my computer to point out the lines that were different.

The only thing that had changed was the "codeshare" flight number under which United Airlines sells tickets on Hawaiian Airlines flight 260.  Instead of being United flight 7817, it's now United flight 5567.

So I'm still going to get to Honolulu on the way home, go to the inter-island terminal, and get on Hawaiian flight 260... I'll just be completely ignoring a different United codeshare number than before.

Why they changed it, I can't say.
People* just liked it better that way.

*silly ones, at United's headquarters, I guess.

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