Saturday, November 6, 2010

I do not want cheezburger - I can has Viv.

I hadn't heard anything from Viv during her connection in Amsterdam, so I checked a flight-tracking site, which claimed it knew nothing about any flight from Entebbe to Amsterdam today.  So I called the airline, got transferred a couple times, and wound up with a human who also had no knowledge of that flight from Entebbe to Amsterdam, but was able to tell me that somebody had gotten on the flight from Amsterdam to New York using the ticket I bought her.

So five of us were waiting for her by the door she was supposed to come out after she went through immigration and customs. We had big signs, and cameras, and stuff.  She got lost or something, went out the wrong door, wandered around until she spotted us, then sneaked up and grabbed me from behind. Sneaky, sneaky Viv!

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