Monday, July 7, 2008

Apparently I've been slightly dead for several years.

I went to the post office last night and emptied the jam-packed mailbox.  Among the envelopes was one from the company my life insurance is with... containing a check!

Hmmm... life insurance companies are supposed to send a check when you die... did I miss something?

It turned out that seven years ago, I split a policy into two separate ones (a big term one and a small whole life one, for the curious), and when they set up the new policy, reducing the value of the larger existing policy, they forgot to reduce the corresponding monthly premium.

So for seven years, they were accidentally taking out a couple extra bucks each month. They recently did an audit, and said "whoops!"  So they sent me a letter apologizing, with a check. And they didn't say anything about me actually being dead.  Whew.

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