Sunday, January 13, 2008

Death of a Treo

The Palm Treo 600 I picked up more than two years ago in Africa has been through a lot.  Its case has plenty of scratches and whatnot from numerous times it fell or went skidding across a rough surface.  Its "M" key is a little sketchy, and the volume controls... well, it's been a while since they controlled volume, or anything else.

Today, though, without any new or special abuse that I'm aware of, its display decided that the time had come to die.  So it's got a super-saturated bright yellow blob on the right side, and some blue bars obscuring a lot of stuff.

It's okay.  Really, it is.  For some time now, I've been pondering either replacing the phone or deciding that 8 years with a "digital leash" is long enough, and going without.  I've got less than $30 in credit on it right now, so I'm not sure what path I'll take.  I guess I can swing by the local T-Mob store and see whether they have anything really cheap I can stick my prepaid SIM card into.

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