Wednesday, September 27, 2006

6 More Seconds of Fame

One of these days, Andy Warhol is going to tell me I've exceeded my quota.

This is a short excerpt from "Astronomy on Mauna Kea," a 14-minute video produced by PBS Hawaii earlier this year. This video and other short features about Mauna Kea are available on the Bishop Museum's web site (via the preceding link), and are also shown in high resolution at the Visitor Information Station on Mauna Kea.

I'm the one on the right; the two on the left are Ph.D. candidates Dale Kocevski and Liz McGrath. I've operated the telescope in support of their research observations on numerous occasions.

I remember the day this was filmed, but had no idea what had been done with the footage until Tuesday afternoon, when I was volunteering at the V.I.S., leaned over the counter to see what the video was showing, and realized that everyone watching the video had turned to look at me, since I was on-screen! So I've joined the ranks of "people who've been on the mountain long enough to wind up in a video."

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