Tuesday, August 22, 2006

General Mills says: Eat 25% less Wheat Chex!

While shopping today, I noticed some colorful boxes of Wheat Chex. These boxes had more green on them, because in America, when a corporation wants customers to understand that its food is good for them, it makes the packaging green. Whether the food's green or not.

The first box I noticed was a good half-pound lighter than the usual Wheat Chex box, and only $1.00 cheaper ($5.79 versus $6.79 - cereal is 
expensive here in Hawaii!), but I quickly found a "regular-sized" box that cost the same as before.

So... why the green? Chex have been relatively good-for-me all along, right?

A-ha! The old box reported 180 calories per serving, while the new box reports 160 calories per serving! That's 20 calories, less, or an 11% reduction in calories. Wow, this is great! And how'd they do this, you ask?

By cutting the serving size, of course. Instead of having 1 cup of Wheat Chex, General Mills wants you to have 3/4 cup. Yep, that'll cut those calories.

Of course, the media section of the General Mills web site doesn't say 
anything about this - and it probably never will. Because of course if 3/4 cup is the right amount, mentioning this would amount to admitting that they've been telling us to eat one-third more than we should, all this time.

Thanks, corporate America! :)

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