Saturday, April 1, 2006

Workaholics Anonymous

At present, I've got somewhere between two and four part-time jobs, depending on how one defines "job." All of them are fairly sporadic. I also have some volunteer activities.

Now, I've gone and applied for something with a fairly regular schedule... something that might be considered "full time," depending on how one defines that. The regular schedule would be something like 3-by-15 - fifteen-hour shifts on three consecutive days away from home, followed by six days off at home, then repeat.

In a sense, that would be "working one-third of the time" which would suit me just fine. But I realized that much of my other work tends to come in fairly small chunks of 2, 3, or 4 days, and the rest is also often in chunks of not more than a week or so. So it's entirely possible that I might be able to continue doing some or all of the work I already have!

The possible impact of all this on my copious free time would be highly objectionable if I didn't think that all my current jobs, and the one I'm now applying for, were very interesting and worth keeping.

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