Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Return of the Breezy House

Our modest home is on the windward side of a tropical island (a mighty fine place for a home to be, I might add!).  This means it gets nice breezes most of the time.  Unfortunately, certain small creatures (my daughter and her neighborhood friends) have, from time to time, done a number on the windowscreens.  Further on the topic of unfortunate things, this activity has made it possible for smaller creatures (of the six-legged, and possibly four-legged, variety) to get into the house.

A couple days ago, after having to catch and kill a rat that had spent the night in my daughter's bedroom, I once again fixed the screen on the porch window, just in case it had gotten in that way.  And at lunchtime today, I decided that I wanted the breeze to actually make it all the way through the house for a change, and replaced both of the screens in her room, which she had shredded quite some time ago in a fit of little-kid pique.  So any holes big enough to be a problem are now gone, and since there's a pleasant breeze today, the house is pleasantly breezy.

While I was being handy, I walked over to the hardware store and picked up a pair of vise-grips, which I used to remove the remaining mechanical bits of my daughter's formerly spinny stool (she had spun it so much that the hole where the top was screwed on got enlarged and it came apart).  A little bit of wood glue and some optional screws, and it will soon be reborn as a stool of the non-spinning variety.

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