Saturday, February 11, 2006

Slogging toward silver

I managed to get Northwest to credit me the miles for my Paris-Amsterdam segment on KLM, bringing my Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM) so far for the year to 16,158. Go, me!

My upcoming trip to Mexico is booked on Continental (including some codeshares on Hawaiian), which means I get miles, but it's in fare class Q (that's a discounted economy one), meaning I probably only get 50% EQM... so Travelocity thinks flying 10,360 miles will get me 5,180 EQM. Which would, of course, leave me at 21,338 - significantly shy of the 25,000 total needed for Silver Elite status on Northwest. 

However, both Northwest's and Continental's web sites seem to think that people in their programs get 100% EQM for flights in Q on Hawaiian, so I might actually be at 21,838 after Mexico. I'll have to wait and see.

After Mexico, I'm still contemplating a family trip over to Maui on Hawaiian, which would be worth at least another 1,000 EQM... maybe I should take a few such trips! Or maybe (well, definitely) I should call Hawaiian about the LAX-HNL-ITO segments I was unable to use in December, and see whether I can do something with them for less than the cost of a full round trip to Los Angeles.

The goal, of course, would be to have Silver Elite status before my trip to New York in May... and to thus have access to better seats and so on.

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