Saturday, November 12, 2005

It's job-applying time again!

I just noticed a job posting for a telescope operator. I'm already a telescope operator, but at a rather modest observatory, with rather modest hours and pay. I also do non-operations support work, through a temp agency, at a distinctly immodest observatory (the "not only do we have the largest optical/infrared telescope on Earth... we have two of them" place) where the telescope operators are salaried. (Insert oohs and ahhs here.) And that, of course, would be the place that posted the job.

I'm about a half-year shy of the amount of operations experience they're looking for. On the flip side, my observatory experience covers more than just operations, I have a bunch of other useful experience, and I work there already, know everyone and know all about the place.

So, yes. I'm going to apply. I really hope I get the job, because salaries are nice. (Especially when significantly more pay is involved, and when there's the distinct possibility that less work is!)

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