Saturday, August 6, 2005


So I've been a customer of BigCreditCompany for a decade now. A good customer. Lately I've even been paying electronically, much to their delight. So when I was working too much around the end of June and beginning of July and flaked on the bill, they called me up in mid-July and had me do it over the phone, no worries. Good, yeah?

But  then they called back this morning, when I was asleep, to let me know that they had tried to run it through and had gotten some error about being unable to find my bank, or unable to find the account, or something like that. So something appears to be broken-ish. So I get to mail them a check for July and August, then call customer service to get them to un-do the nasty charges and whatnot that they've probably applied due to the glitch. And somewhere along the way, I get to try to set the electronic stuff up all over .

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