Wednesday, August 3, 2005

1. d. Explain what to do in an electrical storm.

July 25, 2005: Four Boy Scouts leaders are electrocuted at the National Boy Scout Jamboree in Virginia when the metal pole of a tent they're erecting touches power lines. Three other adults are injured.

July 28, 2005: A Boy Scouts leader and a 13-year-old Boy Scout are killed when lightning strikes their tent in California. Six others are injured; one survives only due to scouts administering CPR for an entire hour.

August 3, 2005: A 15-year-old Boy Scout is killed and two others are hospitalized after lightning strikes a log shelter at a camp in Utah.

Seven in ten days... this isn't a good trend, is it? Unfortunately, the electricity merit badge deals primarily with household wiring. No mention is made of tents, and only one sub-point requires scouts to "Explain what to do in an electrical storm."

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