Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Funding our local library

January: My daughter gets a library card.

February: She checks out Charlotte Zolotow's "William's Doll," illustrated by William Pene DuBois.

March: the due date comes and the book is nowhere to be found. My daugher has taken it to school. A day or two later, it comes home. It gets put in the car so it can go to the library, but then she goes somewhere with a friend, and takes it in the friend's car, where it gets left. Then, right around the time we figure out where it went, the friend's car breaks down and winds up in the shop - with the book still in it.

April: We got the book back today, and I returned it to the library. $3.90 in fines... thank goodness she doesn't have to pay fines at the adult rate. Sheesh.

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