Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Must keep telling myself it's just hardware

Sunday: I notice a puddle on the concrete floor in front of the basement toilet. My daughter says no, it's not pee, it's water. Odd. I ask her whether she spilled water, and she says yes. I wipe it up.

0-dark-30 Monday morning: Her quilt got a little pee on it - oh well, she's four; these things happen. I take it down to the washer, and hey, that puddle's back. And... bigger. Uh-oh. All I can say for sure right now is that it's dripping off the little piece of flexible hose/pipe that goes into the toilet. Towels and a drip container are deployed. I'll investigate further, later today.

Between this, the dead EZQuest drive, the mostly-dead iBook LCD panel, and such, I'm wondering whether maybe I'm just a person things go to when they're going to die.

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